More Brain implants in the News

  • NY Times decides that “Brain Computer Interfaces Inch Closer to Mainstream”
  • Scientists have created a “sixth sense” by creating a brain implant through which infrared light can be detected …. Similar devices have previously been used to make up for lost capabilities …. But the new study … is the first case in which such devices have been used to give an animal a completely new sense.
  • Engineers at Brown University have developed a wireless, broadband, rechargeable, fully implantable brain sensor that has performed well in animal models for more than a year. “This has features that are somewhat akin to a cell phone, except the conversation that is being sent out is the brain talking wirelessly,” Nurmikko said. Neuroscientists can use such a device to observe, record, and analyze the signals emitted by scores of neurons in particular parts of the animal model’s brain.

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