EduMachinima Fest for Teachers and Students

Following in the tradition of Sundance and Cannes, the Internation Society for Technology in Education’s Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (ISTE SIGVE )is hosting the fourth annual EduMachinima Fest 2013 featuring examples of the BEST Machinima in the educational realm.

Machinima, video created using 3D virtual worlds or games, is a new form of media showing incredible potential for learning and communicating. Come to this epic event and join the excitement and fun. Learn why there is so much buzz about this new tool. Discover the possibilities of using machinima in your classroom. Everyone invited!

Please Contribute. Why? – Cause Machinima Rocks!
Learn more about Machinima and ISTE Machinima Fest by watching this
“It Takes A Guild – A Guild of Educators” session.

All accepted submissions will be posted on the SIGVE wiki.

The Best machinima will be featured at the SIGVE EduMachinima Fest 2013 in San Antonio and in Second Life on Monday, June 24th from 530-645 pm CT!

So if you are interested in please submit your Machinima to
Submission Deadline June 7, 2013 at midnight PT

Or you could join us in learning about and creating Machinima at
Machinima Online Open Course with EduMachinima Fest Organizers
May 13 – 23, 2013.


Here’s additional Resources for creating machinima
Still have questions or would like to collaborate? Contact

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